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Quite a few netgear devices come with a hidden page that you can browse to, this will then enable Telnet access on the device. However it looks like on the DGND3700 this page has actually been removed from the code base. Fortunately there is still a way to enable Telnet access to this router.

1. What you will need:
  • Download: Telnet Enable Netgear
  • Windows Machine, download the file here
  • PC on the same LAN as your router
  • Administrator rights on your local machine
2. Setup
  1. Now you have downloaded the file from step one, extract it, and place the enclosed .exe on your desktop.
  2. Open up a command line window
    1. Hold the windows and ‘r’ key
    2. Type in the window ‘cmd’
    3. Press enter
  3. In your command window enter the below command, and look for the physical address (MAC Address) for your router (normally
    1. arp -a

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 18.05.08

3. Enable telnet

Run the below command to enable telnet, don’t forget to change the IP and Physical address to match your setup.

telnetEnable.exe A021B78B0DC4 Gearguy Geardog
  1. telnetEnable.exe – is the script name
  2. – your router IP address, as you use to manage via the web interface
  3. A021B78B0DC4 – Your physical address, from step 2
  4. Gearguy – The default user, case sensitive!
  5. Geardog – The default password, case sensitive!
3. Login

You can telnet from your current window, by using the below command:


Or if you plan on doing a lot of work on the router I would suggest downloading a client like PuTTY

If your propmeted for a username or password use the ones mentioned in step 3.

Happy Hacking!

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 18.20.08


DGND3700I have already done a post about getting telnet access on to your DGND3700 netgear router, however you can also play around with some settings via hidden web pages. Below is an extract of all the web pages on the device for you to play around with, some you will have seen before like the normal setup pages, others are unique and only there normally for Netgear staff/developers/support.

Probably the most common one that people would want to tweek is WiFi_HiddenPage.htm

To view the pages, login to your device as normal, for example via

Then just append the file name you want to view,

Click the more button to see the full list; and just to note I am fairly sure this would probably affect your warranty status, only play around if you don’t mind having a bricked and unsupported router!

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