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Although this website has quite low traffic at the moment in comparison to some other blogs in this niche, I have some quite big plans for it, which will hopefully generate quite a large amount of traffic.

Content Is KeyI have a simple plan to getting traffic and growing the site, which I am going to make a blog post about soon, there are a few hint’s of the technique within this post. In my head are quite a few milestones that will let me quickly see how close I am to my targets. From the image at the right you can see I have achieved the first one, which was what I consider organic traffic, specifically the “search engine” traffic which you can see has just started.

The easiest way to think of organic traffic, is first define what it isn’t. Continue reading “Google has landed.” »


ifconfig ubuntu outputI have seen this problem a lot on hyper-visors that use dynamic MAC addresses over the past few weeks, such as hyper-v.

Your interface names such as eth0 are assigned to a physical interface, specifically the MAC address of that interface. So when your MAC address changes the system thinks it’s a new network card and assigns the next free name, lets say eth1.

However your network configuration file is still referring to the old name eth0. So basically you end up trying to apply configuration to a NIC that doesn’t exist, while there is a new NIC with no configuration. The ultimate result is you lose all network connectivity…

So how do you fix it? well there is a few ways depending on how much of a mess your in. However remember which ever method you use, ensure that once complete your no longer using dynamic MAC addresses and the below fix should be permanent. Continue reading “Ubuntu eth0 missing after reboot.” »


Quick update, I have started work on coding a new project.
This will offer people with a cPanel account at ANY host, 1GB of free backup space.
Completely automated website and database backups onto our offsite servers.
Don’t just rely on your host to take backups!

Domain will be annonced shortly, when I have the first version online.
Will be looking for some Beta testers 🙂


Just a quick post, to tell you user submissions at my project site WhatPortIs are now open.
This means if you can’t find a port on there, but know it should be, simply fill out the form and we will get it added.

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