Apples new Pentalobe

Apple do something and everyone goes mad, just another day at the office…

As a company Apple are a control freak when it comes to their products, and well its understandable, because everything considered is probably why they are so successful. In comparison to their competitors when you by something from them you already know its going to work. The explanation for lack of multitasking on the iPhone was down to “user experience”, enabling such features could compromise the user experience, and as a result this was remove. It’s a common play book throughout there products, where users are shielded from software and features its assumed they don’t need.

Although Apple have never supported people at home doing their own hardware changes to the Apple products, such as screen a battery replacements. They have never really enforced a mechinism to try prevent people from doing this, well it looks like this is all about to change.

It seem’s their first (and possibly only) line of defense is on the “front line”, stopping you actually getting into the product. Basically as you can see in the picture they are abolishing the common screw types. which home users have access to, in favor for a “Pentalobe” head. Applogies if you started reading this and though Pentalobe was a new App/Feature…

The scurry over at slashdot points out the obvious for why they would want to stop people gaining access:

‘Apple sees a huge profit potential,’ says Wiens. ‘A hundred dollars per year in incremental revenue on their installed base is a tremendous opportunity.’

Personally love apple products, and this wont effect my buying into them. However, what do you think?

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