Google has landed.

Although this website has quite low traffic at the moment in comparison to some other blogs in this niche, I have some quite big plans for it, which will hopefully generate quite a large amount of traffic.

Content Is KeyI have a simple plan to getting traffic and growing the site, which I am going to make a blog post about soon, there are a few hint’s of the technique within this post. In my head are quite a few milestones that will let me quickly see how close I am to my targets. From the image at the right you can see I have achieved the first one, which was what I consider organic traffic, specifically the “search engine” traffic which you can see has just started.

The easiest way to think of organic traffic, is first define what it isn’t.

So my other traffic has been coming from links that I have gone around and placed on the internet, such as forum signature links amongst many others. It has also been coming from friends or colleagues that have been looking at the site. Basically I consider this traffic to be artificial as I have gone around to try and create it. Also this traffic can take quite a lot of time (or money) to create and there isn’t always such a good return on visits.

Organic traffic is where I have done nothing to bring it in, the best example is what you can see above where people have gone on Google and searched for something. From their search results I have been placed quite high and therefore the blog has generated some incoming traffic. This traffic is interesting because people already know what they are looking for is on my site, they are basically therefore checking out the content, and not the site in general.

How did I get organic traffic? Well actually it was quite simple. While working I searched the internet to find the solution for a few problems and there were either very little documentation or none at all. So what I did was write up the solution and make a post, needless to say Google found my pages and if anyone else has the same problem I seem to be one of the top two websites on the search page.

Which will bring be to my next post that’s probably going to be about the good old SEO (search engine optimization) term “Content is Key“. The plan is to talk about the general misconceptions of the quote, and how it should be interpreted in my opinion.

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