Mission Control Desk, make one now!

We all remember an imaginative childhood and wanting to be an astronaut shooting through the galaxy, well for some children (adults?) that could almost become a reality!

Using a Raspberry Pi, Arduino board and some other electronic wizardry, Jeff High Smith has come up with this awesome full featured mission control desk, basically it’s a bunch of varying but satisfying switches, LED’s, speakers and screens that simulate a mission control desk and a realistic flight scenario.

It’s really something you need to watch to understand how awesome it is, sit back and click play on the below YouTube clip.

Now I’m sure you can’t wait to build your own, I mean one for your child of course! (adults wouldn’t be caught playing with this, would they!?), the whole build is documented on the Maker website with some more great pictures of the setup and helpful ideas on how to get going. Clicky here –¬†http://makezine.com/video/making-fun-mission-control-desk/

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