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Content delivery networks seem to be getting quite popular recently and I expect they will grow even more throughout this year, I plan to make a post just on these in the next few weeks. However if you are looking at CDN networks (as I am now) you will see a few of them offer something called AnyCast for your DNS requests and you might be wondering what this is exactly. The simplest way to understand what AnyCast does for DNS is first to understand how the internet normally works, and how it’s been adapted to provide an AnyCast service. Continue reading “What is Any Cast DNS?” »


The Cloud

Cloud hosting is the latest buzz word in the industry, every data center wants to have a cloud based infrastructure, while it seems every potential client is willing to pay infinitely more for something with the “cloud” branding. All this buzz around the term begs the question, what is it?

So, what does the word cloud actually mean within web hosting? Well it doesn’t really mean anything at the moment which is a problem, because it seams every hosting provider out there is just adapting the term to match their current product line, which spreads even more confusion around. So although I hope to give some wisdom this is only pure guess work and of-course just  my personal opinion, hopefully there will be a clear consensus over the next year or so from the hosting industry, however I am somewhat doubtful.

Well we don’t really know exactly what it is but there a few key things I personally think a cloud hosting solution should incorporate, so let’s go through them. Continue reading “So, what is cloud hosting?” »

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