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itunes_10_musicWhen you import anything into iTunes by default it will create a copy of the content in your media directory (e.g. Home/Music/iTunes), however this can be a pain when your moving over 100GB+ of files, because your wasting hard drive space and also it takes a long time.

To disable this functionality, do the following.

  1. Go into iTunes
  2. Go to Preferences > Advance
  3. Deselect “Copy Files”

Note; This does mean that it’s easier to break iTunes, as if you moved the folder around your computer iTunes won’t know where to look, and therefore lose the file.

Where as before it was keeping two copies of the file for you. Just something to be aware of; generally don’t place in anything that’s on your Desktop or Downloads folder, find it a permanent home first 🙂


osx-finder-restartIf your like me and rarely turn off your computer (any further than a ‘sleep’) then your OSX finder can get a bit buggy, so it’s always good to have an idea on how to restart the process.

Also there might be some other times that you want to do this; for example I just accidently did “Get Info” on 120 video files that I have thinking that would give me the total size, it doesn’t! Instead you just get 120 windows with the information for each video (see screenshot at bottom of the post), and the Mac goes crazy because it tries to generate a preview on each one…

Good news is that rebooting the finder process doesn’t re-open the get info planes, but does open all of your current folders again.

So lets get down to the business;

  1. Use your propeller (?) key and tab (->) to swtich to an application other than finder 
  2. Go to the Apple icon at the top right of your screen and click 
  3. Go to “Force Quit” 
  4. Click “Finder” 
  5. Then click “ReLanuch” 
  6. Sorted :)!

Screenshot of far too many Get Info’s open at once;

Too Many Windows

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