So my Raspberry Pi came a few months ago and I have been thinking of projects to use it for, I am still not 100% sure however I have made quite a big list of other projects for some inspiration, which I have included below.

If you have any ideas that I have missed off please leave a comment, and I will update this post!

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RaspberryPi-WebServer RaspberryPi-HomeAutomation RaspberryPI-Bittorrent RaspberryPi-WebCam
Web Server Home Automation BitTorrent Server Web Cam Server
RaspberryPi-WeatherStation Raspberry-Pi-Tank  Pi-Quad-Copter RasberryPi-VoIP PBX Asterisk
Weather Station Make a cool Tank QuadCopter VoIP PBX
RaspberryPi-XMBC RaspberryPi-AudioBook RaspberryPi-Arduino
RasberryPi-NAS Server
Media Server XMBC Audio Book Player Arduino Shields NAS Server
time-machine-shot RaspberryPi-Tor-Realy  Raspberry-pi-VPN pi-gps
Apple Time Machine support Tor Relay, be careful! Home VPN Server GPS Tracker, with 3G!
advice Raspberry_PI-Analog Input  Pi-Super-Computer RaspberryPi-Kindel Screen
Advice Machine, useless but cool! Analog Input Super Computer Kindle Screen
RaspberryPi- Running-Android Raspberry-Pi-Traffic-Light

PIC Programmer PenTesting/Hacking Android anyone? Check your network status
SolarDataLogger-RaspberryPi RaspberryPiInTheSky RaspberryPi-Coffee-Machine RaspberryPI-BitCoin
Solar Data Logger Send me to space! Coffee  BitCoin Wallet
Photo Frame? Give it WiFi OpenSource Kiosk Node JS

Traffic Monitoring Overclock It! Personal Cloud on a Pi Control with an iPhone

Wearable Computer Git Server HTML5 Canvas Print Server for IOS
retro mail-server IMG_1050 beetbox
RetroArch on the PI Mail Server Mini Arcade Cab Beet Box… Strange!

Any other ideas? Leave a comment below.

Also, I have some other posts on Raspberry PI’s


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88 Responses to “40+ Cool Ideas for your Raspberry PI Project”

  1. adva says:

    An open source web kiosk station :

  2. Alex says:

    Hi you listed some really cool ideas.

    For a few months my raspberry works as a printserver for iOS devices. It runs with cups as print backend. It also serves as git server without any problems.

  3. Mark says:

    Is it possible to rig a Raspberry Pi to microphones (one mic per class in a school building) and have it call the cops (and/or sms the cells phones of security guards in nearby building) if it “hears” gun shots?

    • Tom says:

      Gunfire locators already exist that do exactly that, you would just need to expand them into a school, link at the bottom of this comment.

      A Raspberry PI is just a very small computer/server, so long as you can write something (say in Python) that can detect the noise of a gun shot it would be fairly easy to do, basically just move the above software onto a PI.

      In a really simple form you could just alert on very loud noises, using some kind of dB (decibel) meter thats connected to the PI.

      The call and SMS could be done using either a USB dongle, or VoIP(SIP).

  4. Paolo says:

    In Bolzano we have realized an open source prototype powered by a raspberry-pi to monitor the traffic, read more here:

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the comment, a great project, have added it to the list.

      I have actually been playing around with doing something similar using Python and web cam to count traffic (movement), and may be also speed.

      Hopefully if it’s ever stable enough I will put the code on GitHub.

  5. Luis Reis says:

    A better / more up to date guide on how to run now may be found at:

  6. Luis Reis says:

    I’ve developed an HTML5 Canvas on the Raspberry Pi working on top of the GPU. More info here:

  7. dyno says:

    Run tonido ( personal cloud server on raspberry pi.

  8. Samrat says:

    Great ideas!

    You can also use it as a cheap Arduino + Wifi shield and control it with an iPhone:

  9. hcck3d says:

    Is there a car media server application?

  10. hylian says:

    Don’t forget wearable computers! MyVu video goggles from a few years ago are cheap now, take component input, and can be modified into HUDs.


  11. Bart says:

    I’m working on a cat food dispenser project operable via the internet to serve my cat lunch when I’m at the office,
    see the progress on:

  12. David Stats says:

    Any pointers to drivers older printers? I have several perfectly functional printers that are no longer supported by current commercial OS releasses and would like to use a Rasberry Pi to support them as network print devices.

  13. HankScorpionKing says:

    This goes hand in hand with your Transmission daemon link:

    Install a DLNA server daemon and build a uPNP media server from scratch. The Pi’s onboard GPU sucks under load and really can’t handle running a true media center front end and video playback at the same time. So cut out the middleman by running it headless and connecting to it on your home network from any web-enabled device or game console. All you need is a powered USB hub with an external hard drive and you’ve got all your media at your fingertips from anywhere in your home.

    Minidlna works best because it has out of the box support for the Xbox 360 and is easier on resources than Mediatomb or other products.

    Also, this is not my blog, but this guy gives a great rundown for beginners on how to get a headless Pi up and running:

  14. Jeremy says: offers an image to tuen it into a full blown IP PBX based on Asterisk. I’ve almost purchased one just for that reason.

  15. Patrick says:

    Could use a raspberry pi as a mail server

  16. Ian Renton says:

    Hi, I’m the guy behind the “Raspberry Tank” and I’d just like to say thanks for considering my project one of the 30 coolest RPi projects! I’ll definitely have a go with the Arduino shield interface and the wearable Pi if/when I get my second and third Pis! 🙂

    • Tom says:

      Great to hear from you Ian, and amazing project you have there 🙂

      Hope you got a bit of traffic to your blog from the post, we are still seeing quite a lot of people pass through the site!

      If you work on any more project please let us know, will be happy to link over again

  17. Paul Childs says:

    Smart Sensor Networks (like the traffic monitoring image but with an adaptive feedback)
    My ultimate favourite would be to hookup a pheromone detector to lower/raise the toilet seat.

  18. Youssef KH says:

    Amazing projects 🙂

  19. Hey, thanks for the link! This is a great page, not surprised that it got pounded with traffic. At least you’re getting new fans (myself included!)

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  21. […] Diese Übersicht zeigt ganze 40 Raspberry Pi-Projekte, das US Magazin Wired sowie die Webseite Ars Technika haben hier und hier jeweils 10 weitere Projekte gelistete. […]

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  23. Erik says:

    I recently did a blog on setting up an Octopress blog.

    Nice collection you have so far.

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  28. Krystal says:

    These ideas are great! I’m 11 years old and I’ve done the gmail notifier, the openelec, lighting LEDs, etc. Check out my blog at or follow me on Twitter, @kid_pi


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  31. Benjamin Gentry says:
    I came across this guide for setting up the pi to control model trains with rocrail. Manolo Serrano is the author, and his website is .(although I can’t get his page to translate to english

  32. subin says:

    this is pretty cool but there are alto more projects have a look like a on the go babel fish ( translate machine )

  33. TimothyP says:

    We are currently working on an email2sms (and vice versa) gateway that runs on the RaspberryPI. It’s already being used today but still under active development. It’s a bit opinionated in certain places (as it started as a project for a specific company) but it’s easy enough to swap out the parts you don’t want.

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  35. An open source 6LoWPAN Border Router solution with excellent support for the RaspberryPi. It runs as a Contiki application compiled natively in Raspbian.

    And here is a GPIO daughter board for the RaspberryPi with a 802.15.4 radio, allowing to interface the RaspberryPi with any 802.15.4 device.

  36. Sleepw4lker says:

    Hi everyone. I’ve equipped a Movel B Raspberry Pi with two USB WiFi NICs, and it now acts as IPv4 to IPv6 Converter – it connects to any configured WLAN it finds, establishes an IPv6 Tunnel, and opens up its own WiFi with the second card, to which you can connect your Laptop, Smartphone and so on. This way, you’re able to take your public IPv6 IPs wherever you go, and won’t affect the network you’re connecting the device to. Cheers!

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  38. Brilliant write up! I ordered a PI when they came out and it has been sat on the shelf ever since! This has inspired me to actually do something with it. Or get my son to – although he is showing no interest?!

  39. […] is de Raspberry PI door veel mensen in gebruik genomen voor tientallen verschillende functies. Omdat mijn collega`s ook de Raspberry PI hebben ontdekt zijn er […]

  40. sealer vacuum cleaner says:

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  41. jules says:

    turn you raspberry pi into a headless spotify, mp3, webradio streamingstation with squeezeplug
    very easy. you can control it with you iphone or android.

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  47. thales says:

    proxy / squid server for a raspberry pi.

    Has anyone produced the documentation / set up for a RasPi.
    Would be helpful as pis no longer come alone 😉

  48. Mark says:

    Aquarium Monitor/Controller!

  49. Anthony says:

    The link for Apple Time Machine Support is dead 🙁

  50. Matt Humphrey says:

    Here’s a project I just completed with a Pi. It’s a remote (web) controllable cat treat dispenser.

  51. Moshes says:

    My idea is signal generator and oscilloscope.
    Sound card can be used for DAC and ADC but for 20khz frequencies.

  52. Mike says:

    Still a great device. raspbian and openelec (I use both) have both matured nicely. Great performance.

  53. donghun says:

    Nice overview and line-up. You might want to include “Call Mom Button” project in the list.

    It’s a Raspberry Pi integration that automatically calls your mom (or anyone else specified in advance) using Plivo APIs, (when you click on the button for the input.)

    You can read in full:

  54. JK says:

    This guy created an LED sign to tell him when the bus was coming:

    His code didn’t do all that I wanted, so I wrote my own version in CoffeeScript:

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  56. Mark E. Wallace says:

    Notice : I don’t even have a Raspberry Pi, but it intrigues me nonetheless, and I have an idea that I could use some feedback on.

    I am a garage fitness enthusiast. One of the things that I want for my garage gym is a wall timer; something along the lines of this thing (

    What I’m wondering is whether it would be possible to connect a Raspberry Pi to the LCD screen from an old Dell laptop and use that as my wall timer. I have several Dell laptops that are in various stages of disrepair but that still have functional LCDs.

    `Course, the next question would be, aside from the physical interconnect question, how feasible would it be for a layman to do a project such as this? I used to do a little bit of C and assembly programming back in the dark ages of the 1990’s, but I have lost that know-how and have not stayed current on languages such as Python.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

    – Mark

  57. Jos says:

    Some great projects here

    i recently made a tweet bot with my raspberry pi camera and aquarium if anyone wants to check it out.

  58. Ken D Tran says:

    We (YoungPOS) just completed the Touch screen POS (Point of Sales) with Raspberry PI. We call it Raspberry POS and it could connect to Receipt Printer, Kitchen Printer, Barcode Scanner and Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR). It is really full POS system for Restaurant and Retails. We could share this project to everybody who interested in POS solutions.

    You could visit us at to see these pictures/videos or you could share some information.

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  60. […] 40+ Cool Ideas for your Raspberry PI … – So my Raspberry Pi came a few months ago and I have been thinking of projects to use it for, I am still not 100% sure however I have made quite a big list … […]


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