show-kronI’ve recently been setting up a new customer network and they had some fairly strange requirements, where most of our customers are fairly adverse to any kind of downtime this customer required a weekly reboot of their equipment out of hours, even on the Core networking equipment.

For the Cisco routers this was fairly easy to setup, first you need to create a kron (basically like a Linux Cron) job, this just defines what you want to do, the when is configured later on.

So we’re going to create a policy called ‘reloadrouter’ and it’s going to run the ‘cli’ based command ‘reload’, nice and simple:

Auto Reload/Reboot

kron policy-list reloadrouter
 cli reload

Now that we have a policy we need to set this to run, basically we define an occurrence for the policy, then a time and how often we want this to reoccur in the future.

kron occurrence reloadrouter at 4:00 recurring
 policy-list reloadrouter

You can do a load of other cool things with kron for example here are some other policies.

Auto Save Config

Forgetting to save the configuration, save an embarrassing reload!

kron policy-list daily-save-config
 cli write
kron occurrence daily-save-config at 4:00 recurring
 policy-list daily-save-config

Remove debug

People keep leaving debug running on the routers, auto turn it off!

kron policy-list daily-un-debug
 cli undeb all
kron occurrence daily-un-debug at 1:00 recurring
 policy-list daily-un-debug

TFTP Backup

Want to do a quick backup of the startup configuration to a TFTP server?

kron policy-list config-backup
cli show startup-config | redirect tftp://
kron occurrence config-backup at 1:00 recurring
 policy-list config-backup

One thing; please don’t forget the command is only as good as your time keeping, so NTP is always wise with this kind of automation 🙂

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